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Betabook- Portable Whiteboard to the Rescue!

Once in a while you simply scratch your head and state, “why I didn’t think about that?” That’s what I said to myself when I got the Betabook to audit. The Betabook is a

convenient whiteboard bound between two spreads to look like a book. I got the little A4 Betabook with a dark marker and wool eraser to give it a shot. For as long as year I have truly dove into sketchnoting and felt that I out the Betabook an attempt. The Betabook is incredibly versatile and you would scarcely realize it was in your pack to convey it. Attributable to the way that it is a simple gadget it is amazingly simple to utilize, simply open the Betabook remove the top from the provided dry eradicate marker and you are prepared to go. The whiteboard surface is smooth, brilliant and simple to compose on, with the fine point dry delete marker. I went out to Staples and buy a lot of multi-hued dry delete markers to enhance the dark marker that was incorporated. The hues looked incredible on the Betabook and when the time had come to delete the whiteboard the downy eraser functioned admirably. Tossing the Betabook in my sack reminds me how liberating simple devices can be. No stresses over accusing the gadget and of my iPhone it is anything but difficult to snap a shot and offer my thoughts with others. On the off chance that you are a visual scholar and like sketchnoting or whiteboarding and have dependably longed for a compact arrangement here it is.

For those of you that need all the more land you can buy the Betabook Pro which is an A3 measure. For me the A4 measure functions admirably and scarcely occupies any space in my knapsack which is incredible! For more data please go to Betabook.


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